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It is the core of our Technology. The best Technology worldwide for all wet processes in the Tannery on all Hides. More than 400 drums equipped with Vortex system are working in the World. Vortex drums grant the best quality process saving production costs.
Both in soaking and liming operation and in pre-tanning, Vortex system gains a bigger area on hides under lower speed conditions than traditional drums and other systems.
In tanning and dyeing operation, where the penetration and homogeneous distribution of chemicals are essential, “the sponge effect” of Vortex system is basically quality. No other system guarantees the highest quality, extension and homogeneity on hides.
In dyeing operation the colors of hides are mostly bright and richer thanks to Vortex system: The advantages on the hide area and color quality are essential for Tanneries.

But Vortex system offers more than that:
• More than 40-50% load capacity than traditional drums;
• Up to 70-80% energy saving than traditional drum with ratio Kg/Kw and 15% more than Competition’s systems using inclined shelves;
• From 20% to 40% water saving;
• Chemicals saving in tanning and dyeing operation from 5 to 25 % according to a specific process and article;
• Maintenance cost lower than 80% than traditional drums and even 100% less if compared to drums equipped with inclined shelves, under same low speed conditions;
• Noise reduction;
• Improved occupational safety for operators;
Vortex Technology is an Invention of Vallero International and it is Property of Vallero International: All copies are illegal and are subject to legal requisition by competent Authorities worldwide.


Our Technology emphasizes the difference between a traditional old-concept drum without smart control and a real chemical/physical reactor, the technological value instrument in Modern Tanneries.

The recirculation system ensures the real-time control of bath parameters during the process: no more necessity to stop the drum, to open the door and take a sample of the bath to check parameters.

Laboratory-box is a steady point in a rotating machine and then makes the control of bath parameter smoother and more safe.
Moreover the recirculation system can control bath temperature according to your specific requirements: heating up or cooling down the fluids : steam and cool water. Heating facilitates chemical reactions according to the product and process phase. Cooling down checks exothermic reactions due to some chemicals.
Bath recirculation endorses environmental impact thanks to filtration: a filter fitted on drum axle, integrated into the laboratory-box, or a filter working stand-alone according to specific process and encumbrances. Filtration allows removal of solids suspended in the bath during the process itself.

ECO-DRUM system of Vallero International: the most suitable solution to separate:
• Hair in non-destructive liming process;
• Raveling and fleshing in tanning process;
• Shaving in re-tanning, dyeing and fat liquoring process.
ECO-DRUM system will reduce waste and impact positively on Environment both in case of public and private waste treatment plants. It drastically reduces COD and BOD concentration in waste.
Besides the favorable effect on Environment, process control and filtration have following advantages:
• Finer quality of Leather thanks to a better cleaning of hides/skins: no more marks and pits on grain;
• Water saving of about 20% using bath filtration as the first drainage is eliminated;
• Chemicals saving: filtration system enables chemicals to react with hides and not with polluting solids suspended in the bath.
Environmental awareness is the footprint we leave on the World and this strong commitment will make all Tanneries successful.
ECO-DRUM and VORTEX are the concrete customized eco-friendly solution of VALLERO INTERNATIONAL for the Tanneries worldwide.
VORTEX and ECO-DRUM systems can be fitted on new wooden, plastic and stainless steel drums of Vallero International.
Besides that, and respecting the initial investments of Tanneries, also existing drums can be equipped with VORTEX and ECO-DRUM systems.

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