Wooden drums


As a result of many-years experience in the tannery field and in improvement of manufacturing technique, Vallero wooden drums are the best drums on the market worldwide.

Solidity, long-lasting working life, reliability also under heavy loads conditions.

Wood machining by paying attention to drum interior will ensure the utmost care of hides and skins to be processed. Mechanical and transmission equipment of finest quality both in the choice of materials and in their machining will grant a long-life and reliability, with less maintenance.
A wide production range from smaller sizes for laboratory processes up to bigger sizes of Ø 4.50*5.00 m. All drums can be equipped with Vortex and Eco-drum technology.

Plastic drum


They belong to the production range of Vallero.

Treasuring the over-decades experience in the manufacture of drums, Vallero has designed and developed Oyster drum in PPH and Igloo drum: technological jewels which grant the same solidity, long-lasting working life and reliability as wooden drums.
Built in one monolithic piece and equipped with solid frame which grant heavy loads capability.

Igloo drum evolves tradition: it is manufactured both in PPH and in HDPE. Unique product on the market made of staves and ends with same construction technologies as wooden drums.
This drum structure allows the use of plastic material even when the installation of a drum in one monolithic piece is critical not applicable.

Igloo drum is a logistic solution saving transport costs also in case of drums with bigger size.

Mechanics and transmission equipment originate from the many-years experience of Vallero and grant high durability and reliability.

Utmost attention in the manufacture of internal layout assures cleanliness and very good quality with fine hides /skins.(With Oyster and Igloo drums hides and skins are in good hands!)
Available in a wide production range. All drums can be equipped with Vortex and Eco-drum technology.




Available both in wood and PPH material and in a wide range of sizes and capacities.

Tradition meets technology. Vallero paddle grant the perfect movement of hides/skins with bath thanks to the unique construction ratio in the market.

Quality means Vallero paddle. Available technology: automatic heating/cooling up systems and filtration.

Stainless steel drums

Available with smaller sizes for laboratory process up to bigger sizes for production.
Accurate choice of material assuring durability and stability of the structure.
Thermal insulation in drums for production process.
Wide range of internal layout and solutions.
Also stainless steel drums Vallero are equipped with Vortex and Eco-drum technology.
To the manufacturing line of stainless steel drums belong:
Xline for laboratory
Star-Lab for laboratory
Star-Drum for producion
Propeller – vessel with internal rotating basket for small and big lots

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